Hair Care Instructions

Here are some easy to follow hair care instructions for your TGE Hair: 
-Wash your TGE Hair once a week with a moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo in warm water.

-Wash hair immediately after swimming or adding in any additional chemicals (temporary dyes, gel, etc.)

-Brush or comb through your TGE hair with a wide-tooth comb or wired brush

-Before flat-ironing or curling your TGE hair, apply a heat protectant to prevent hair from being damaged

-For TGE Hair’s curl texture hair lines, avoid brushing or combing while the hair is dry, or it may cause hair to get “poofy” looking. Finger-comb if hair is dry.

-Before brushing or combing TGE curly hair, spray with warm water or water mixed with leave-in conditioner

-TGE Hair can be flat-ironed, curled, colored or styled in any way to give you your desired look.

-Once hair gets wet again, it will retain back to its nature texture

-Wash your TGE Hair in one direction. Then after conditioning your hair, rinse and let hair dry completely. Air-drying is the best method. DO NOT go to sleep with your hair still wet

-Wrap your hair with a scarf before going to bed

-Brush or comb your TGE Hair starting from the bottom and work your way towards the top (be sure to dampen curly hair)

-Do not double-track the TGE Hair when installing, this could cause matting.

-When not wearing your TGE Hair, store at room temperature.