Our Hair

The TGE Hair Line

TGE Hair carries our own TGE (The Greatest Ever) product line for our wefted hair.

The TGE Hair line will get you the greatest hair extensions on the market.  The TGE Hair line is a top quality, wefted bundle hair extension line.  The TGE hair line bundles are completely full to the bottom!  When cared for properly, this hair can last for more than 3 years.

With good care, TGE human hair will not tangle or mat and will always stay beautiful!

Here are a few easy to follow hair care instructions: 

  • Wash your TGE hair once a week with a moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo in warm water.  Wash hair immediately after swimming or adding in any additional chemicals (temporary dyes, gel, etc.)
  • Wash your TGE hair in one direction.  Then after conditioning your hair, rinse and let hair dry completely.  Air-drying is the best method.  DO NOT go to sleep with your hair still wet.
  • Brush or comb through your TGE hair with a wide-tooth comb or wired brush.
  • Before flat-ironing or curling your TGE hair, apply a heat protectant to prevent hair from being damaged.
  • Wrap your hair with a scarf before going to bed
  • For curly TGE hair, avoid brushing or combing while the hair is dry, or it may cause hair to get "poofy" looking. Finger-comb if hair is dry.
  • Brush or comb your TGE hair starting from the bottom and work your way towards the top (be sure to dampen curly hair)
  • Before brushing or combing TGE curly hair, spray with warm water or water mixed with leave in conditioner.
  • Do not double-track the TGE hair when installing, this could cause matting.
  • TGE hair can be flat-ironed, curled, colored or styled in any way to give you your desired look. Once hair gets wet again, it will retain back to its natural texture.
  • When not wearing your TGE Hair, store at room temperature.